Tektronix P6246 Differential Probe

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Produktnummer: P6246

Probe,DIFF,ACT; 400MHzBW,0.85/8.5V,1PF,TPI - Certificate of Traceable Calibration Standard

Low Input Capacitance: <1 pF Differential
Probe Input Connector: Two Standard 0.025 in./0.63 mm (0.1 in. center) Square Pin Receptacle (Female)
Electrostatic Discharge Tolerant (IEC 801-2)
Connects to TEKPROBE™ BNC Interface on TDS Series Oscilloscopes or Other Instruments Using 1103 TEKPROBE® Power Supply
For Use with Oscilloscopes, Spectrum or Network Analyzers
>60 dB (1000:1) Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
Small Probe Head Allows Easy Probing of SMDs