Tektronix MTS430 MPEG Analyzer

Produktnummer: MTS430

The TSCA offers significant enhancements over traditional softwarebaseddeferred-time (stored streams) MPEG analyzers. The combinationof an innovative high-speed analysis engine and built-in intelligence,allows ultra-fast pinpointing and debugging of intermittent faults in MPEGTransport Streams used in next-generation DTV and IPTV systems andservices.The TSCA also provides real-time analysis of Transport Streams receivedthrough the MTS430’s stream interfaces, including IP and RF. The real-timeanalysis includes Cross Layer time-correlated IP and TS measurements,alarms, and error logging together with stream recording.

Industry’s fastest analysis engine
CaptureVu™ technology captures and analyzes system events in real time and deferred time to debug the intermittent and complex problems that traditional analyzers miss
Try before you buy: Demo versions of the TSCA, Multiplexer, and Buffer Analyzer are available to download