Tektronix MTS400P MPEG Analysis Tool

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broadest range of easy to use and easy to understand solutions for analyzing and isolating problems with compressed video products or services used in cable, satellite, terrestrial, fixed and mobile networks.

Whether you are designing or manufacturing compressed video based products, or deploying and managing video transmission/distribution systems, we have the solution that addresses your needs.

Industry’s Fastest Analysis Engine enables Reduced Time to Insight, Rapid Development, Evaluation, Deployment, and Diagnostics of Next-generation DTV and IPTV Systems and Services
A Wide Range of DTV Standards are Supported, including MPEG, DVB, ATSC, ISDB, and ISDB-TB (Brazil). Specific SI for Terrestrial, Cable, and Satellite, plus Regional Variations of these Standards are Also Supported
Range of Analysis Capabilities provide the Necessary Connectivity to Diagnose Problems Anywhere in the Network Environment
Integrated Cross-layer Fault Analysis and Logging provides One-box Solution for Fault Diagnosis, Reducing Time to Insight when Troubleshooting
Analyze both Constant and Variable Bit Rate Streams (CBR and VBR)*1
Playout Functionality provides Stimulus with Parametric Capabilities and IP Multisession Replication to Characterize Behavior of Network or Device Under Test