Tektronix MTM400A MPEG Monitor

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Produktnummer: MTM400A

The MTM400A provides a complete solution for real-time transmission monitoring of MPEG Transport Streams over RF, IP, and ASI interfaces. Powerful confidence monitoring capability and deep diagnostic measurements are both combined into a single integrated solution. This supports Broadcasters, Cable, Satellite, and Telecommunication Operators to deliver superior QoS levels with reduced operational expenditure.

Deployed at key network nodes, the MTM400A provides an intuitive and simplified presentation of video quality and diagnostic information. This supports the delivery of superior Qualify of Service (QoS) levels in an increasingly complex broadcast environment.

When used together with VQNet™, facility and network-wide views allow engineers to sectionalize network problems.

Multilayer, multichannel, remote monitoring and measurement at RF and TS layers to DVB, ATSC, DCII, and ISDB-T/Tb standards with content-checking support for both MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC
Displays key RF monitoring parameters for DVB-T, ATSC, DVB-S/S2, and DVB-C/QAM interfaces to provide early indication of signal degradation before any picture impairment is visible to the end customer
No additional analysis software is needed