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Tektronix Legacy Software for Serial Data Compliance and Analysis

Nortelco Electronics har fått ny webside og webshop

Nortelco Electronics AS ble Adeptor AS fra 1. januar 2022, men dine kontaktpersoner er de samme! Endringen gjelder områdene Elektronikk og Automasjon, og vi har fått ny webside:

TDSRT-Eye™ v2.0
Produktnummer: TDSRT-Eye™ v2.0

Accurate, Simple, and Customizable Physical Layer Testing on Emerging Serial Data Standards Beyond 10 Gb/s - When designing to industry standards, analog validation and compliance testing is critical to ensure device interoperability. TDSRT-Eye v2.0 Serial Data Compliance and Analysis software (Opt. RTE), used with the DPO70000, TDS/CSA7000/B, and TDS6000/B/C Series of high-performance oscilloscopes and proper probing solutions, provides the complete solution for analog validation and compliance testing of serial data buses.

RT-Eye v2.0 Clock Recovery and Eye Rendering - The first step in creating an eye diagram and performing accurate jitter measurements on data is recovering the clock from the serial bit stream. The RT-Eye eye rendering technique provides user-selectable algorithms (PLL or Constant Clock) to recover the clock. This technique provides the following benefits:

MyTest Provides Measurement Results with a Touch of a Button
Serial Data Wizard for Easy Setup
Real-time Acquisition and Analysis on Electrical Standards Beyond 10.25 Gb/s (DPO72004)
Patented Real-time Eye (RT-Eye) Clock Recovery and Eye Rendering Provides:
High-precision Eye Diagrams and Accurate Jitter Measurements
Standard Specific Clock Recovery
Transition/Nontransition Bit Eye Diagram and De-emphasis Measurements
Accumulated Waveform Database Eye Diagrams