Tektronix Legacy Software for Serial Data Compliance and Analysis

TDSRT-Eye™ v2.0
Produktnummer: TDSRT-Eye™ v2.0

Accurate, Simple, and Customizable Physical Layer Testing on Emerging Serial Data Standards Beyond 10 Gb/s - When designing to industry standards, analog validation and compliance testing is critical to ensure device interoperability. TDSRT-Eye v2.0 Serial Data Compliance and Analysis software (Opt. RTE), used with the DPO70000, TDS/CSA7000/B, and TDS6000/B/C Series of high-performance oscilloscopes and proper probing solutions, provides the complete solution for analog validation and compliance testing of serial data buses.

RT-Eye v2.0 Clock Recovery and Eye Rendering - The first step in creating an eye diagram and performing accurate jitter measurements on data is recovering the clock from the serial bit stream. The RT-Eye eye rendering technique provides user-selectable algorithms (PLL or Constant Clock) to recover the clock. This technique provides the following benefits:

MyTest Provides Measurement Results with a Touch of a Button
Serial Data Wizard for Easy Setup
Real-time Acquisition and Analysis on Electrical Standards Beyond 10.25 Gb/s (DPO72004)
Patented Real-time Eye (RT-Eye) Clock Recovery and Eye Rendering Provides:
High-precision Eye Diagrams and Accurate Jitter Measurements
Standard Specific Clock Recovery
Transition/Nontransition Bit Eye Diagram and De-emphasis Measurements
Accumulated Waveform Database Eye Diagrams