Tektronix Keithley Extended Warranty, 5 years

Standard warranty extended to total 5 years
The Keithley Care service plan safeguards your investment and keeps your Keithley products running like new with an extension of the factory warranty.
Produktnummer: 5Y-EW-STD

Keithley Care plans provide fast, high quality services at a fraction of the cost of on-demand service events. As the original equipment manufacturer, Keithley guarantees your repaired instrument is returned to original factory performance specifications. Our worldwide service centers are staffed by experienced technicians, and equipped with proprietary tools and software optimized for restoring your Keithley products to like-new condition.

Key Features
Fast turnaround time
Covers full repair costs including all parts, labor, and transportation
Instruments returned to like-new factory performance
90 day service warranty
Includes calibration (if necessary) and adjustments to published accuracy specifications