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Tektronix Jitter, Noise & BER Analysis Software

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80SJARB and 80SJNB
Produktnummer: 80SJARB

Jitter, Noise, BER, and Serial Data Link Analysis Software for DSA8200 and 8000 Series Tektronix Sampling Oscilloscopes

High-speed serial data link measurements and analysis are supported with three software solutions: 80SJARB, 80SJNB Essentials, and 80SJNB Advanced.

80SJARB is a basic jitter measurement tool capable of measuring jitter on any waveform – random or repetitive. The simplicity of acquisition limits the amount of analysis possible so only the simplest decomposition can be used; repeatability is pattern dependent.

80SJNB Essentials offers complete analysis of jitter, noise, and BER, with decomposition of components for clear understanding of a signal’s problems and margins. The acquisition methodology requires a repetitive pattern. Both accuracy and repeatability are improved relative to 80SJARB since the tool has access to the complete signal pattern.

80SJNB Advanced adds features to 80SJNB Essentials for Serial Data Link Analysis – de-embedding of fixture, channel emulation, FFE/DFE equalization, pre-emphasis/de-emphasis.

Jitter, noise, and BER analysis of high-speed serial data rates from <1 Gb/s to 60 Gb/s provides insight into precise causes of eye closure
FFE/DFE equalization of the signal opens the eye diagram for measurements – view the signal the way the receiver comparator views it
Channel emulation from TDR waveforms or from S-parameters inserts virtual channel: Observe the signal as it will look at the end of the interconnect, even while capturing the transmitter waveform only
Separation of both jitter and noise provides highly accurate extrapolation of BER and eye contour
J2 and J9 measurements in support of IEEE 802.3ba 100 GbE
Unmatched measurement system fidelity with ultra-low jitter floor for accurate and repeatable measurement results
SSC support: Analysis of systems with spread spectrum clocking, with profile and frequency
Fixture de-embed removes the signal distortion caused by the measurement fixture
Channel emulation recalculation: With just one transmitter acquisition, view the link performance for a number of emulated channels
DDPWS – Data Dependent Pulse Width Shrinkage measurement and plot available
Over 30 dB of channel loss is now handled and equalized, supporting advanced backplane standards
Store and recall dataset