Tektronix IPM400A IP Video Monitor

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As the worldwide DTV market continues to evolve, a shift of consumer viewing behavior, combined with increasing competitive pressure, is driving the explosion of growth in broadcast channels and overall capex investment. A key operational challenge for video network operators is how to efficiently deliver superior Quality of Service (QoS) levels to maintain differentiation in this competitive market. The IPM400A provides an intuitive and simplified presentation of video quality and diagnostic information. This benefit enables the delivery of superior QoS levels in an increasingly complex broadcast environment. When used together with VQNet™, facility and network-wide views allow engineers to sectionalize network problems.

Simultaneously verify IP and TS integrity on all IP Video flows (sessions) on a GbE link; ideal for monitoring networks which carry both Multi-program Transport Streams (MPTS) or Single-program Transport Streams (SPTS), at either Constant Bit Rate (CBR) or Variable Bit Rate (VBR)
In-depth, real-time MPEG analysis option allows diagnostics to be performed on live payload without always having to use labor-intensive deferred-time analysis of captured streams
No additional analysis software is required – all confidence and diagnostic analysis can be carried out with the IPM400A
When used in conjunction with the VQS1000 Video Quality Software application, provides reliable and sophisticated analysis algorithms applied to decoded MPEG-2 or H.264 video to identify stuck, black, macro-blocking, and compression artifacts