Tektronix IConnect® Signal Integrity, TDR, and S-Parameter SW

Produktnummer: 80SICMX • 80SICON • 80SSPAR

IConnect® software is the efficient, easy to use, and cost-effective solution for measurement-based performance evaluation of gigabit interconnect links and devices, including signal integrity analysis, impedance, S-parameter, and eye-diagram tests and fault isolation. With the help of IConnect and the built-in IConnect Linear Simulator, you can complete interconnect analysis tasks in minutes instead of days, resulting in faster system design time and lower design costs.

IConnect is avaiable in three different options, 80SICMX, 80SICON and 80SSPAR, please go to the Tektronix webpage to check the differences (scroll all the way down to the table)

Quickly Obtain S-parameters using Your TDR Oscilloscope
Differential, Single Ended, Mixed Mode; Insertion, Return Loss, Frequency-domain Crosstalk
PCI Express, Serial ATA, HDMI, Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet, Manufacturing and Standard Compliance Testing Including Eye Mask Tests
Simplified Calibration Procedure Minimizes Human Errors and Makes Fixture De-embedding a Simple Task
Intuitive, Easy, and Accurate for Serial Data, Gigabit Digital Design, and Signal Integrity