Tektronix HDMI Compliance Test Software

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Produktnummer: TDSHT3

HDMI 1.4a introduces Automotive HDMI (Type E) in addition to Mobile HDMI (Type D), HEAC, 3D HDMI, 4K × 2K patterns, and new Calorimetric patterns, all operating up to 3.4 Gb/s. TDSHT3 and HT3-DS HDMI Compliance Test Software automate a comprehensive range of tests enabling unprecedented efficiency with reliable results.

TDSHT3 embeds the HDMI CTS 1.4a compliance test procedures, including the software clock recovery (SoftCRU), ensuring dependable results. Accurate eye rendering and precise violation testing deliver credible results. Perform accurate Sink tests with closed-loop measurements that eliminate nonlinearities of the test setup. Authentic measurement techniques and automation eliminate errors to provide repeatable results.

Option HT3-DS enables the innovative Direct Synthesis Solution for Sink and Cable eye-diagram testing. The Direct Synthesis method ensures greater repeatability as it eliminates the requirement for hardware TTC filters and cable emulators. HT3-DS supports all cable emulator effects (Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type E).

Fast, Efficient Direct Synthesis Solution
Conformance to HDMI 1.4a Standards and Compliance Test Specification 1.4a (CTS)
Complete Validation to Standards with Wide Range of Tests for Source, Sink, and Cable Devices
Accurate Source Tests using Precise Measurement Techniques
Dependable Sink Tests with Closed-loop Measurements that Eliminate Nonlinearities in Test Setup
Automation of Complex Sink and Cable Tests with Remote Control of Signal Sources and Software Emulation of Cable Effects, Eliminating the Need for Hardware Transition Time Converters (TTC) and Cable Emulators
Quick Results with Automatic Mask Fit, Measurements and Pass/Fail Notification, and In-depth Results with Statistical Analysis and Mask Margins
Quick Testing with One-button Selection of Multiple Tests and CSV-format Test Summary and Reports
Comprehensive HDMI 1.4a Solution including Test Fixtures, DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Real-time Oscilloscopes, P7313SMA Differential Probes, AWG7000 Signal Sources, HDMI Fixtures, and