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Tektronix EMI-RE-HWPARTS Bundle of EMI Accessories

Bundle of EMI accessories for radiated pre-compliance test

NOK 188 320,- (eks. mva.)

- A complete pre-compliance solution Includes EMI-BICON-ANT, EMI-CLP-ANT, EMI-PREAMP, EMI-TRIPOD, CABLE-5M, CABLE-1M
Produktnummer: EMI-RE-HWPARTS

To affordably speed you on your way, Tektronix offers a complete EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing solution including software, spectrum analyzers, accessories and probes.


Tektronix EMI/EMC pre-compliance solution starts with SignalVu-PC with EMCVu software. As a plug-in to SignalVu-PC, EMCVu provides a single user interface for all your pre-compliance needs.

Spectrum Analyzers

To provide fast, accurate measurements to assist you in finding EMI/EMC issues quickly, Tektronix offers a full line of affordable Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers. Real-Time Spectrum analyzers provide significant advantages over traditional swept enabling you to capture infrequent EMI bursts.


To avoid accessory mismatch, Tektronix offers fully validated accessories including antennas, Line Impedance Stabilization Networks and pre-amplifiers. You can purchase accessories individually, or in two comprehensive accessory bundles for conducted and radiated tests. Characterization of accessories including Gains and Losses values are pre-loaded into EMCVu to provide simple set-up and greater accuracy in your measurements.

The benefits of pre-compliance testing
Early identification of potential EMI/EMC issues that may delay time-to-market and increase development costs
Reduction of EMI/EMC related costs
Increased confidence in your product before you take it to the test house
Immediate feedback on the impact of design changes
Flexibility to test on your schedule