Tektronix EM6992 Hand Held Probe Set 100kHz til 1GHz

Produktnummer: 119414600

The item is EM-6992 Hand Held Probe Set is designed to assist in pinpointing the specific source of emissions during the diagnostic testing phase of an EMI compliance investigation. A selection of probes of varying sensitivities is provided for both E-field and H-field analysis up to 1000 MHz. All probes supplied with BNC connector and custom carrying case.

When used with any 50 ohm measuring instrument the EM-6992 set allows for easy identification of emission sources.

Contains the following probes:
EM-6993 6 cm Loop H Field
EM-6994 3 cm Loop H Field
EM-6995 1 cm Loop H Field
EM-6996 3.6 cm Ball E Field
EM-6997 Stub E Field