Tektronix ECO8000 Automatic Changeover Unit

Produktnummer: ECO8000

The ECO8000 is a highly versatile automatic sync and signal changeover unit with configurations and capabilities required to address modern master sync application and other advanced sync timing application. This changeover unit offers exceptional reliability, stability and high availability and is designed with optional high bandwidth input changeover capabilities for HD/SD and/or 3G-SDI signal environments.

Sync generator and time reference generator system for broadcast, studio, mobile, and post-production facilities. Master or slave (genlock) operation for distributed system architectures.

This changeover unit can be used with the following signal generators to form the complete sync generator system, which offers extra redundancy for the critical timing and synchronization system in the facilities.
A pair of Tektronix Master Sync / Master Clock Reference Generators (SPG8000) for most broadcast facility timing applications
A pair of Tektronix Test Signal Generators (TG8000) for more advanced post production facility timing applications

Switches analog black burst, HD tri-level sync, AES/DARS, word clock, LTC, as well as SD/HD/3G-SDI signals - all the timing and synchronization signals required in modern broadcast, production, and post production facilities
Scalable product architecture to fit various application needs
Electronic Fast Switch function for near glitch-less sync source switching, minimizing disruption in operations
Automatic or Manual changeover mode
Front panel LED fault indicators for each individual channel as well as the status of the power supplies
Dual hot-swappable power supplies ensure continuous availability of reference signals
Easy to manage with Web-based interface for configuration and SNMP for status and alert information