Tektronix Disk Drive Measurement Software

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Produktnummer: TDSDDM2


  • IDEMA Measurements Including TAA, PW50, Overwrite, Resolution, and Asymmetry
  • PRML Measurements Including Auto-correlation NLTS and SNR
User-installed, Oscilloscope-resident Disk Drive Measurement Package

Design, manufacturing, and failure analysis engineers at disk drive companies; silicon vendors who design read-channel components; read/write head and media manufacturers - all desire to make measurements that are specific to their industry. Performing measurements on disk drive signals that comply with the IDEMA standards is crucial to meeting their objectives.

Your DPO7000 and DPO/DSA70000 Series Oscilloscopes can Perform Disk Drive Measurements without External Equipment
Installs Inside the Oscilloscope
User-friendly Microsoft Windows GUI
High-resolution Measurements can be Made on One Channel at the Highest Sample Rate with Trigger Input from Multiple Channels
Comprehensive Statistical Measurements - Mean, Min, Max, Std Dev, SNR and More for Fast Characterization of Signals
Snapshot Display of Multiple Parameters for Detailed Waveform Information
SNR and NLTS Measurements Work for Signal-to-noise Ratios of 0 dB and Below
Auto-configures Trigger Inputs for Index, Sector, and Read Channel for Easy Setup
Programmable Digital Filters
Thermal Asperity Information Provided for Quick Problem Detection
Track Profile Displays Measurements from Each Sector as a Function of Sector Number
Online Help Text Provides Information About Each Measurement
Part of a Complete Solution for Disk Drive Measurements from Tektronix - High-bandwidth Differential Probes, SMT Probes, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, etc.
Offers Full Measurement Automation and Control through GPIB