Tektronix Digital Pre-emphasis Processor & Linear Equalizer

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Digital Pre-emphasis Processor & Linear Equalizer
Produktnummer: BSA125CPG

DPP Digital Pre-emphasis Processor and LE Linear Equalizer

Tektronix offers several Digital Signal Processing accessories to serve high speed serial designer needs in areas of Pre-emphasis or Equalization when using the BSA Series Bit Error Rate Tester.

The Digital Pre-emphasis Processor DPP Series takes in single-ended inputs of data and clock and conditions the signal by adding precision amounts of pre-emphasis for use with Bit Error Rate Testers. Nine Tap Linear Equalization supporting speeds up to 32Gb/s is supported with the LE320 Series remote head, offering compact two channel precision equalization.


Key performance specifications
• Supports signal equalization on data rates from 8 Gbps to 32 Gbps
• 20 dB automatic or manual gain Control
• Integrated variable gain amplifier with differential 50 mV sensitivity