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Tektronix DPOPWR Power Measurement and Analysis Software

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Transforms Tektronix Windows oscilloscopes into sophisticated analysis tools
Produktnummer: DPOPWR

DPOPWR Power Measurement and Analysis software transforms Tektronix Windows oscilloscopes into sophisticated analysis tools that quickly measure and analyze power dissipation in power supply switching devices and magnetic components, and then generates detailed test reports in customizable formats. DPOPWR, used with an MSO/DPO5000, DPO7000 or MSO/DSA/DPO70000 Series oscilloscope and differential voltage and current probes, forms a complete measurement system for power supply design and test.

DPOPWR provides a number of specific measurements to characterize power supplies: Magnetic Component Analysis, Switching Component Analysis, Input Analysis, and Output Analysis. Finally, DPOPWR provides a convenient report generator to document the test results.

Hi Power Finder and Magnetic Property Pinpoint the Sources of Reliability Problems
Power Loss Measurements at the Switching Device and Magnetic Component Improve Switching Power Supply Efficiency
Sophisticated Report Generation Saves Time
Customizable Safe Operating Area Mask Testing with Linear and Log Scale for Reliability Testing
In-circuit Bpeak, Permeability, and Coercive Force Measurements Determine the Reliability of the Magnetic Component
Automatic Ripple Measurement Setup Eliminates Manual Processes
Spectral Analysis Locates Ripple and Noise on the Output Voltage and EMI Issues with the Switching Power Supply
Precompliance Testing to the EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-2 AM14, and MIL 1399 (400 Hz) Standards Reduces Compliance Test Time and Risk
Automated THD, True Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, and Crest Factor Features Eliminate Tedious Manual Calculations
Modulation Analysis quickly provides Accurate Active Power Factor Characterization
Automatic Deskew ensures Accurate, Time-correlated Results
Correct Scale Factor and Unit Display while using Third-party Current Probes Eliminates Manual Calculations and Human Error