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Tektronix D-PHY Conformance, Characterization & Verification

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Produktnummer: D-PHY

The Tektronix TekExpress™ (TEKEXP) Automated Test software is a Windows-based application that runs on any Windows XP*1 computer operating system including Tektronix Windows-based instruments. TekExpress software ordered with Option D-PHYTX provides an automated, simple, and efficient way to test D-PHY Transmitter interfaces and devices consistent to the requirements of the D-PHY Conformance Test Specification Revision 0.98.

There is no longer a need to be an expert on testing procedures. Remembering the exact steps to take each measurement is time consuming and often requires going back to the D-PHY specifications. D-PHYTX takes the guesswork out of conducting D-PHY Transmitter testing. Even if you remember how to use the test equipment, it is common for even the most experienced operators to forget steps in the procedure or to set up the correct parameters, like applying the correct trigger technique. D-PHYTX allows engineers to simply select the desired tests to run, and then work on other tasks while the tests are being executed.

Performs Single-button Fully Automated Testing for Set of Transmitter Measurements
Does Not Require Operator Intervention to Conduct Time-consuming Testing
Reduces the Amount of Time Required to Conduct Testing
Enables Customers to Test Devices Faster
Allows Selecting Individual Tests or Group-wise Tests through Tree Structure