Tektronix Content Verification/Cerify®

Produktnummer: Cerify

Quality control of file-based video ingested from different sources, encoded at different bit rates / formats and utilizing different compression standards for SD/HD, VOD or IPTV delivery presents considerable challenges to QC teams.

Cerify is the world's first fully automated system for verifying/checking file-based content prior to transmission or use. Solutions range from windows-based PC standalone workstations to enterprise-wide solutions that interface to 3rd party automation or asset management systems.

Cerify provides exception-based technical compliance to enable the QC teams to focus only on the problem content and the subjective requirements.

Provides Exception-based Technical Compliance to Enable the QC Teams to Focus only on the Problem Content and the Subjective Requirements
Performs Consistent and Thorough Checks of Incoming Video Files against User-defined Templates
Integrates with Video Servers
Logs Errors, Informs Automation Systems, plus Programmable Actions such as E-mail User Alert, Quarantine and Move Files
XML-based Templates to Reduce Ingest Rejection due to Noncompliance
Web-based Multiuser Interface
Flexible Windows Software-only Solution
All the Test Features of the Cerify 200 Market-leading Auto-QC Product
CeriTalk API for Integration with Automation and Asset Management Systems
Available in 2 Configurations: Stand-alone or Enterprise (clustered for higher parallel processing requirements)