Tektronix Compliance Test Software for Oscilloscopes

Produktnummer: DPO DSPT

DisplayPort Source Compliance Testing for DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series Oscilloscopes

DisplayPort is the new digital display interface technology for computers, monitors, and home-theater systems aimed at lower implementation costs and improved video performance. DisplayPort 1.1a gives manufacturers of LCD panels, monitors, graphics cards, PC chipsets, projectors, peripherals, components, and consumer electronics a next-generation digital interface that is designed to replace LVDS, DVI, and eventually VGA. This technology is rapidly moving through early adoption with chipsets, graphics cards, and first-generation displays now appearing on the market.

Supports DisplayPort Compliance Test Standard (CTS) v1.1 and 1.1a Source Tests (User Selectable)
Four-lane Simultaneous Testing with Tektronix P7300SMA Series Probes
Detailed Test Report with Waveform Plots, Pass/Fail Results, and Margin Analysis
Software Automatically Saves Test Data to Waveform Files for Later Analysis