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Tektronix Communications Pulse Measurement Software

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Produktnummer: Pulse

User-installed, Oscilloscope-resident Communication Physical Layer Compliance Measurement Package:
Compliance to industry standards is key to the success of telecommunications manufacturers. Telecommunications pulse mask testing of electrical signals has been done with oscilloscopes for years because of features such as variable time delay, voltage scales, and communications triggers. TDSCPM2 software on a a DPO7000, DPO70000, or DSA70000 Series oscilloscope, with AMT75 or AFTDS electrical interface adapters provide the third-generation Digital Interface Test System (DITS) needed for full electrical compliance testing.

Performs Measurements and Pass/Fail Testing of:
Pulse Amplitude
Spectral Power
Pulse Imbalance
Pulse Symmetry
Zero Level
Supports Electrical Tributary Rate Standards up to 155 Mb/s:
ANSI T1.102
ITU-T G.703
Report Generation for Saving Measurement Results in a .CSV File for Further Analysis or Archiving
Supports GPIB/LAN Control for Automated Testing
Easy to Install and Use