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Tektronix Automated USB 3.0 Receiver and Transmitter Solutions

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Produktnummer: USB3.0

The Tektronix TekExpress (TEKEXP) Automated Test Software is a Windows-based application that runs on any Windows XP*1 computer operating system including Tektronix Windows-based instruments. TekExpress software ordered with Option USB-TX and USB-RMT provides an automated, simple, and efficient way to test USB 3.0 Transmitter and Receiver hosts and devices consistent with the requirements of the SuperSpeed Universal Serial Bus Electrical Compliance Test Specification (CTS).

Compliance requirements per the Electrical Compliance Test Specification for USB consist of an eye diagram and jitter (Random, Deterministic, and Total Jitter and SSC Profile) tests. However, the USB 3.0 base specification also includes a set of informative measurements including tests for Slew, Voltage Levels, and others. The TekExpress Option USB-TX software is an easy-to-use software package that automates the USB 3.0 Normative and Informative Transmitter Tests. The DPOJET Option USB3 provides semi-automation of the USB 3.0 Normative and Information Transmitter Measurements and Setup Library. While other manufacturers promote standard-specific compliance software, the Tektronix solution provides a comprehensive verification, characterization, debug, and compliance environment. The Tektronix USB 3.0 test bench includes a real-time oscilloscope (DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series), an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG7000 Series), a USB 3.0 test fixture set, and USB 3.0 test software (USB-TX or USB3 for Transmitter test and USB-RMT for Receiver test).

Provides a Comprehensive Toolset for USB 3.0 Verification, Characterization, Debug, and Compliance Test
Integrated with USB-IF, SIGTEST provides Automatic Processing of SIGTEST Results without Manual Intervention
Automatic DUT Control and Pattern Validation to Capture All Required Data Patterns (LFPS, CP0, CP1, etc.)
Automated USB 3.0 Normative and Informative Transmitter Tests – Single-button execution with no user interaction required
Full Control of Analysis Parameters enables Seamless Integration between Compliance and Debug Environments
Predefined CTLE Function provided as per the USB 3.0 Specification, DUT-specific CTLE Functions can be Customized with Serial Data Link Analysis Software (Opt. SLA)
Model the Host Channel Back Panel, Host Channel Front Panel, Cable, and Device Channel without Physical Channels or Cables
Flexible Fixture Options provide access to both USB 3.0 Transmitter and Receiver Signals supporting Transmitter and Receiver Tests without Physical Cables
Quickly Validate Test Status with Comprehensive Reports Detailing Test Margins and Pass/Fail Results