Spectracom SecureSync LMR Master Oscillator, Time & Frequency Reference System

The SecureSync® platform was designed for the rigors of time and frequency synchronization For Land Mobile Radio.
Produktnummer: SecureSync LMR Master Oscillator

Simulcast systems rely on precise time and frequency to ensure the reliability of critical communications systems such as police radio. This configuration of SecureSync is a drop-in replacement for the earlier generation of Ageless® Master Oscillators (models 8194/95/97). It can be configured for the specific needs of the system.

Multiple, prioritized input references - GPS, PTP, internal
Internal precision time-keeping via OCXO or Rb oscillator
A wide variety of output signals supported via modularity
Built-in NTP server; PTP master/slave options
Precise frequency references for carrier accuracy
Synchronized CTCSS outputs
Configurable 1PPS offsets
Telecom frequency and data rate synchronization