Spectracom SecureSync Enterprise-Class NTP Server, Time & Frequency Reference System

SecureSync® combines Spectracom’s precision GPS master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design in a 1RU chassis to result in a powerful, scalable and flexible NTP appliance.
Produktnummer: SecureSync Enterprise-Class NTP

Supporting a wide variety of network synchronization and management protocols, the base model comes with a built-in 10/100 base-T Ethernet port for network management and high-performance NTP which can serve more than 7,500 NTP requests per second. It includes all the latest functions of NTPv4. It can be deployed in combination with other stratum-1 NTP server(s), can be used in a stratum-2 configuration, and can be expanded through option modules.

High bandwidth NTP performance
Stratum 1 via GPS and other references or Stratum 2
IEEE-1588 PTPv2 grandmaster option
Modular hardware supports variety of interfaces and timing signals including 3 additional 1 GbE ports
Multiple prioritized reference inputs
Internal precision time-keeping via TCXO, OCXO or Rb atomic clock
Secure web-based user interface
Built-in network sync monitoring option
Secure network management: enable or disable protocols
IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
Alert notifications via SNMP Traps and e-mail alerts
CLI/SSH access for automation and scripting
Best-in-class 5-year warranty