Spectracom NetClock® 9483 Time Server & Master Clock

Produktnummer: NetClock 9483

The NetClock 9483 continues Spectracom’s legacy of highly accurate and reliable GPS master clock technology that is easy-to-install and manage backed by NetClock’s industry-leading 5-year warranty. While maintaining strict compliance to the National Emergency Number Association’s (NENA) Master Clock Standard #04-002,  the new NetClock has added features to support Next-Generation 911 initiatives.

Precision GPS time reference with available OCXO internal time-keeping
Supports internal audits including: audit trails, time-stamped records, log files, data archiving
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (additional 3-network Gig-E option)
Optional PTP master/slaves
IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
Integral AC power (additional DC back-up option for power redundancy)
RoHS compliant/UL approved
5-Year limited warranty