Spectracom Geo-iNAV GPS + INS Inertial Navigation System

Affordable, fully-integrated GPS-aided inertial navigation system
Produktnummer: Spectracom Geo-iNAV

Geo-iNAV™ is offered in several configurations designed to meet a wide range of inertial navigation application requirements. Configurations are available for both commercial and military applications.

Multiple IMU configurations available with internal MEMS or external FOG IMUs
Multiple GPS configurations with L1, L1/L2 RTK and SAASM receivers
Support for many popular external IMUs and GPS receivers
Optional integrated communication wireless datalink<br><br>
High Navigation Performances
Centimeter level positioning with dual frequency RTK configuration
0.05° heading measurement accuracy
High navigation output rate (up to 125 Hz)
Dead reckoning capability
Easy to Integrate
Small footprint (size, power)
Several types of data interface: Serial, LAN, optional wireless communication module
ITAR-free versions