Spectracom GSG-5 Series Multi-channel Advanced GNSS Simulator

Multi-channel GPS/GNSS L1 RF Generator
Produktnummer: GSG-5

The GSG-5 series is a GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS constellation simulator that generates all commercial signals in the standard L1 band. It offers the standard set of features for testing GNSS systems. With a base of four channels, configurable and upgradable to 8, 16, or more signals, this configuration is the perfect fit for navigational fix and position testing, for in-line product testing or engineering and development.

Easy to Use

GSG-5 users can configure scenarios on-the-fly without the need for an external PC and pre-compilation phase. Via the front panel, the user can swiftly modify parameters such as user position, time and power output. And using the StudioView™ software facilitates easily created scenarios via a Google Maps interface.


As the base model of the popular 5 Series GNSS Simulator family, this affordable unit can be upgraded at any time after purchase to increase the channel count, add new GNSS constellations and advanced simulation capabilities. Some restrictions apply. Your investment is protected as you can purchase now, or upgrade later, as needed, when your requirements change.

Connectivity Extends Ease of Use and Flexibility

The GSG-5 can be controlled via an Ethernet network connection, USB or GPIB. A built-in web interface allows complete operation of the instrument through front panel controls. With the GSG StudioView™ PC Software, you can build, edit, and manage the most complex scenarios, independent of the unit, for later upload.

Versatile, powerful and affordable multi-channel GNSS RF signal generator
Supports all signals in the L1 band: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo E1, BeiDou B1, QZSS
Pre-confi gured, or user-edited or easily built test scenarios
Test the dynamic capability of a receiver through powerful trajectory capabilities
Standalone operation with front panel controls, or full remote control via various interfaces
Compact and lightweight
Test virtually any impairment to GNSS signal acquisition: multi-path, interference, jamming, atmospheric effects
Modular hardware and software design allows full upgradeability to accommodate new requirements