Simpson Electric 260-6XLM & 260-6XLPM Low Ohms VOM Multimeter

Low Power Ohms Range
Produktnummer: 260-6XLM_260-6XLPM

Designed for the special needs of solid-state circuitry measurements, the 260-6XLM has extra low power ohms ranges. It also offers all of the advantages of the standard 260 family, including a resettable overload protection circuit on the 260-6XLPM. Both versions come with batteries, manual and test leads with alligator clips.

2 extra "low power" ohms ranges: Rx1 and Rx10
Conducts in-circuit test without risk to components or causing digital circuits to switch states
Durable ABS plastic case provides impact resistance and drop protection
Large, tri-colored dial with mirrored scale to prevent parallax error