SeaLevel PCI Express Digital I/O Boards

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Sealevel PCI Express digital I/O boards are designed for computers with X1 PCI Express slots and are compatible with any PCI Express slot. Digital I/O boards are currently available with optically isolated inputs and Reed relay outputs. Optically isolated inputs protect the PC from voltage spikes common to industrial environments while Reed relay outputs provide reliable, long-life switch closures suitable for low current applications.
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Produktnummer: PCIX

List of PCI Express Digital I/O Boards offered by Nortelco Electronics. To read more about the product, please click on the model number (external link). For ordering, please use the model number as "Varenummer".

PCI Express Digital I/O Boards
Model# Description # of Ports Digital I/O
16/16 Isolated Inputs, Reed Relay Outputs
16/16 Isolated Inputs, Reed Relay Outputs

For all products: Software is SEAL/O. Host Interface is PSI. Integration - No. 
Pc Bracket is standard height.

PCI Express X1 compliant
16 optically isolated inputs
Socketed dip resistor allows user configurable input range up to +24V
16 Reed relay outputs (SPST)
Highly reliable 10VA DIP Reed relays
Includes 72" cable with DB78 Male connector to DB37 Male and DB37 Female connectors (Item# CA165)
SeaI/O Classic software supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems
Software support for Linux available