Raditeq RadiField® 6B Elec Field Generator

RadiField Triple A, 6 GHz @ 10 V/m (TME) incl. Pelicase
Standard and directives: EMC Directive, IEC61000-4-3, Automotive UN Regulation 10, Mil. Std. 461, IEC61000-6-1-/-2/-3/-4 (generic), EN60601-1-2 (medical)
Produktnummer: RadiField® 6B

Electric Field Generators

Want to achieve radiated immunity tests without unnecessary power losses? Don’t wait any longer, because the RadiField® series makes this possible. Its’ smart, proven technology and full-compliant, making conventional immunity testing a thing of the past! Measure what you’ve missed and test the RadiField® series now!
RadiField 6A