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Quartzlock E10-P Portable Rubidium Frequency Reference

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Miniature rechargeable Atomic Clock with 10MHz sine-wave 50 Ohm output.
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Produktnummer: E10-P

The Quartzlock E10-P Portable Rubidium Frequency Reference, is a miniature rechargeable Atomic Clock with 10MHz sine-wave 50 Ohm output.

Recharging / operating from internal 12Vdc, this miniature enclosure, only 103 x 55 x 122mm has all the performance needed for on-site calibrations, referencing and portable transfer standard applications. Quartzlock's SMAC (sub miniature atomic clock) technology far outperforms chip scale atomic clock devices with poor AVAR & phase noise.

The E10-P benefits from simple operation just connect output BNC connector to device under reference.

Operation to warm (3min) from 12V car supply, in transit to on-site application, saves the higher power warm stage.

The E10-P is hand held, with <500g mass, and is one of the smallest & lightest atomic clocks with -95dBc/Hz Phase Noise and 8 x 10-12/100s Stability. (100 x better than any OCXO).

The power consumption is 6W at 12V dc / 500mA after 3min warm time.

No antenna is required or view of sky as the E10-P is a completely independent atomic reference.

Applications include: remote site cellular BTS transmitter and satellite communications ground station frequency referencing for calibration. Field service, low noise (remote from supply line hum & noise) development and short production test use. Noise elimination in referencing for signal sources, spectrum analysers, network analysers, subject to lab noise problems.

Output Frequency 10 MHz
Output Level +10 dBm +/-3dBm into 50 Ohms
STS1s 8x10-11
STS10s 3x10-11
STS100s 8x10-12
Aging 1 Day 5x10-12
Aging 1 Month 5x10-11
Phase Noise 10Hz -95 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 100Hz -125 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise 1Kz -135 dBc/Hz
Harmonics dBc -40 dBc
Warm Time 5 min @ +25C
Retrace 2x10-11
PSU Nominal 12 V dc
PSU Min 12 V dc
PSU Max 15 V dc
Current 1.5 A