Power & Harmonics Analyzer

Mains and harmonics analyzer and associated low distortion AC power source for EMC measurements to EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3.

The HA1600A is a fast, easy to use mains and harmonics analyser with a large and high resolution graphical display, capable of continuous real-time analysis.
The HA1600A is intended primarily as a dedicated harmonics and flicker analyser for compliance quality measurements,
but it can also be used as a general purpose mains analyser.
The unit is available with range of power connectors to suit different national standards.
A printer interface is included for record keeping and archiving, along with both RS-232 and USB interfaces for PC connectivity.
HA-PC Link Plus is Windows based sofware supplied with the HA1600A.
It is intended to assist users in taking routine compliance measurements and archiving the results.
It can communicate with the instrument through either an RS232 or a USB connection.
The AC1000A is an innovative, low cost, pure power source designed specifically for use with a harmonics analyser such as the TTi HA1600A.
It permitts compliance quality measurements to EN61000–3–2 in situations where the quality of the AC supply is poor or variable.