Positive Displacement målere

PD Meters – Positive Displacement Flowmeters – Volumetriske mengdemålere. Positive displacement flowmeter, volumetriske mengdemåler eller gear-målere. Disse mengdemålerne er spesielt laget for tykke væsker(høy viskositet) som resiner, polyuretan, maling, additiver (tilsettinger) og forskjellige kjemikalier.

The Flow Technology line of positive displacement flow meters utilize two patented impellers (gears) to measure precise volumes of liquid that pass through the flow meter as the gears rotate. These flow meters are specifically designed to accurately measure thicker fluids such as resins, polyurethanes, adhesives, paints, and various petrochemicals.

Key features

  • Ideal for high viscosities >50 cP
  • High pressure
  • Batching & blending


  • DC-I Series – Industrial process market
  • DC-E Series – Limited version of the DC-I series – economical option
  • DC-F Series – Sanitary applications
  • HP-I Series – Operating pressures up to 3,000 PSI
  • BL Series – Operating pressures up to 10,000 PSI
  • Tricklemeter – Low flow rates, 0.005 to 0.5 GPM