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PicoSource PG912 Differential 40ps USB pulse generator

PicoSource PG912 Differential 40ps pulse generator

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Tunnel diode outputs, < 40 ps rise time with > 200 mV fixed amplitude.
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Produktnummer: PP978

The PicoSource PG900 Series are low-jitter triggered differential USB pulse generators. Pulse outputs are optimized for broad spectral content (fastest transition time) to best suit spectral and time-domain transmission and reflectometry measurements. An internal clock is provided for stand-alone, self-triggered operation and trigger input and output allow the generators to source or respond to system triggers. Differential outputs ensure that the proliferation of gigabit differential interconnect and systems can all be addressed (e.g. SATA, USB3, HDMI, Ethernet).

Essential to any differential test or measurement is the ability to adjust for small but significant velocity and path length differences that are bound to exist in any measurement setup. The PG900 pulse outputs can each be adjusted (time-skewed) in 1 ps increments to deskew path differences before the measurement, or to deliberately stress a transmission path with timing skew.

Despite their small size and portability the PicoSource PG900 generators pack quite a punch, with integrated Step Recovery Diode outputs of up to 6 V pk each into 50 Ω. That’s a whopping 12 V pk differential pulse amplitude to drive lossy paths or stress system ports. Outputs are adjustable in 10 mV steps down to 2.5 V pk. A user-settable amplitude limit is provided to protect more sensitive system ports and 20 dB attenuators are supplied fitted to the pulse outputs for small-signal and optimum-match applications.

The PicoSource PG900 Series generators are USB controlled from a Microsoft Windows PC running PicoSource PG900 software that is provided with the product. This is a very straightforward control application featuring a helpful graphical display of the pulse, limits and trigger settings as they are applied. Default and User pulse settings can be saved for future recall.

The pulse and trigger waveform displays can be toggled between three timebase settings to show the timing relationship of trigger and pulse, the pulse period or the pulse train being output.

PG911 and PG914
Integral 50 Ω SMA(f) Step Recovery Diode outputs
< 60 ps transition time
Dual 2.5 to 6 V variable amplitude outputs
±1 ns in 1 ps steps timing deskew
200 ns to 4 μs pulse width
1 μs to 1 s internal clock period
< 3 ps RMS jitter relative to external trigger
–20 dB 10 GHz SMA(m-f) attenuator included with Step Recovery Diode outputs
Tabular and graphic print and save formats, including Touchstone
P1dB, AM to PM, and stand-alone signal generator utilities
Fully accessible, guided 8 and 12-term calibration processes
6 calibration modes, including unknown through and connected DUT isolation
Calibration and check standards with data for confident measurements
PG912 and PG914
External 50 Ω N(m) positive and negative Tunnel Diode pulse heads
< 40 ps transition time
Dual > 200 mV fixed amplitude outputs
±200 ps in 1 ps steps timing deskew
Inter-series N(f) – SMA(m) adapter included with Tunnel Diode pulse heads