PicoScope 9300 Modeller_Features
PicoScope 9300 Modeller_Features

PicoScope 9300 Series Sampling USB scope

PicoScope® 9300 Series, 5-25GHz USB Sampling Oscilloscopes
Pico is the market leader in PC Oscilloscopes — the modern alternative to the traditional benchtop oscilloscope. High-end features such as serial decoding and mask limit testing are included as standard — no more expensive "options" to pay for. We also have a long history of adding new features through free software upgrades — your PicoScope keeps getting better.
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With up to 25 GHz bandwidth, the PicoScope 9300 sampling oscilloscopes address digital and telecommunications applications of 10 Gb/s and higher, microwave applications up to 25 GHz and timing applications with a resolution down to 64 fs. Optional 11.3 Gb/s clock recovery, optical to electrical converter or differential, deskewable time domain reflectometry sources (60 ps/7 V) complete a powerful, small-footprint and cost-effective measurement package.

15 to 25 GHz electrical, 9.5 GHz optical, TDR/TDT, 2-channel and 4-channel, compact, portable, USB instruments.

These units occupy very little space on your workbench and are small enough to carry with your laptop for on-site testing, but that’s not all. Instead of using remote probe heads attached to a large bench-top unit, you can position the scope right next to the device under test. Now all that lies between your scope and the DUT is a short, low-loss coaxial cable. Everything you need is built into the oscilloscope, with no expensive hardware or software add-ons to worry about.


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PicoScope 9300 Series
15 TS/s (64 fs) sequential sampling
Up to 15 GHz prescaled, 2.5 GHz direct trigger and 11.3 Gb/s clock recovery
Industry-leading 16-bit 1 MS/s ADC and 60 dB dynamic range
Eye and mask testing to 16 Gb/s with up to 223–1 pattern lock
Intuitive, touch-compatible Windows user interface
Comprehensive built-in measurements, histogramming and editable data mask library
Integrated, differential, deskewable TDR/TDT step generator