Pendulum GPS-88/89 Frekvensstandarder

Traceable Accurate Frequency Standards
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The GPS-controlled frequency standards are especially suited for use in calibration departments, providing continuous traceability with no need for external calibration. The stability/24h is excellent; one part in a trillion.

Long-term frequency stability is provided from the built-in Cesium-controlled standards in the GPS-satellite. Very high short-term stability comes from the built-in oven controlled crystal oscillator found in the GPS-88; or the built-in Rubidium atomic clock installed in GPS-89, as its local oscillator.

Key specifications
GPS-controlled frequency standard
Choice of Rubidium or ovenized crystal oscillator
Traceable internal calibration system approved by Swedish National Testing and Research Institute 
Remote monitoring via Ethernet interface
No doubt-about-accuracy via display of frequency offset
Five standard frequency outputs; 4x10 and 1x5 MHz; Five more optional outputs