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pendulum FDA301_2500
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Pendulum FDA-301 Frequency Distribution Amplifier

Distribution Amplifier for reference frequency and time syncronization
The FDA-301 is a modular Distribution Amplifier for reference frequency and time synchronization signals, time codes and phase (1-pps). It has both electrical (BNC) and optical distribution (ST).
Produktnummer: FDA-301

The Pendulum FDA-301 is a very versatile Frequency Distribution Amplifi er for distributing a central time sync or frequency reference signal to multiple users, between rooms, fl oors, buildings and sites. The FDA-301 can distribute sine, pulse (e.g. 1-pps or IRIG DCLS), serial ToD and standard telecom signals, via noise-free optical fi bers to up to 18 receivers, located up to 2 km away. The FDA-301 offers modularity, redundancy and ease-of-use.

Comparison model FDA-301 and model DA-36

 Model no.  FDA-301  DA-36 
Distribute sine frequency  yes  yes
Distribute pulses (1-pps, IRIG)  yes   -
Distribute Serial Time-of-Day  yes   -
Distribute E1/T1 clock/data  yes   -
Fiber/coax input 10MHz  yes/yes  yes/yes
Auto change-over 10MHz input     yes  yes
Coax outputs 10MHz*  4 / 8 / 12  4
Fiber outputs 10MHz*  6 / 12 / 18    1
DC power option  yes   -
Distributes sine, pulse, ToD and E1 clock/data signals over fi ber and/or coax
Narrowband sine input for distribution of reference frequency
Pulse distribution of e.g. 1-pps or unmodulated IRIG time code
3 modular output slots provides easy upgradability in the field. Up to 18 fiber or 12 coax outputs
No-noise and EMP-proof distribution over fiber
Distribute up to 2 km over fiber
Auto-change-over when connecting two input sources (Master-Slave)
Optional DC power input for power redundancy