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pendulum_20180410_CNT 91R_SK n_2500_2500

Pendulum CNT-91/91R Timer/ Counter/ Analyzer/ Calibrator

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Produktnummer: CNT91

Pendulum CNT-91 Timer/Counter/Analyzer is the highest performance counter for measurement, analysis and calibration of frequency, time interval and phase. The CNT-91 is very suitable for production test systems, for R&D, in calibration labs, or in the field. The CNT-91R is basically a combination of the high resolution CNT-91 and a Rubidium Frequency Standard, all in one box.

The CNT-91 and CNT-91R comes as standard with 400 MHz frequency range on two channels and with opt.10(3GHz), opt.13(8GHz), opt.14(16GHz) and opt.14B(20GHz) on a third channel. For more information please check the datasheet, or contact us.

250,000 meas/sec to internal 3.5M total result memory
Zero dead-time
Up to 15,000 meas/sec over GPIB and USB
50 ps single-shot time interval resolution
12 digits/sec frequency resolution
Continuous data streaming during, not after, measurements
Up to 20 GHz range, burst measurements down to 20 ns
Graphic display of jitter, histograms, trend and modulation
Modulation domain analysis to 20 GHz with TimeView SW