Pendulum 6688/6689 Frekvensstandarder

Ideal Reference for Multiple Testers
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These Pendulum frequency standards suit the highest demands for stability. All frequency standards offer multiple buffered outputs (5x or 10x outputs of 10 MHz sine). Choose from the low-cost 6688 based on a very-high-stability oven-controlled SC-cut crystal oscillator or the 6689 with a built-in Rubidium atomic clock. These standards are suited for use in automatic test systems, for example in the production department of telecommunications companies, especially when multiple instruments/testers need to be supplied with a stable frequency reference.

The very short warm-up time of only 10 minutes makes these units suitable also for field use.
Key specifications
Up to 11 other instruments can be supplied
Both 10 and 5 MHz always included
Portable ultra-stable Rubidium standard takes the stability to any desired location