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PROMAX PROLITE-67 Selective optical power meter for FTTx-xPON

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Produktnummer: PROLITE-67

The PROLITE-67 is an instrument to measure simultaneously and in a selective way the three wavelengths used in fiberoptics. Thanks to this feature, you can certify any installation according to the new telecommunications policy.

Connecting the fibre cable that comes from the distribution centre to the OLT plug and the fibre cable that goes to the user to the ONT plug, it takes measures without interrupting the service.

It has a Visual Fault Locator, which emits a visible laser light (continuous or intermittent) that allows the user to locate cuts or breaks, identify fibres, etc.

MODE 1: Selective Meter by wavelength: 1310-1490-1550 nm

  • Simultaneous measurement for three wavelengths (1310/1490/1550 nm) generated by the PROMAX triple laser source in order to certificate fiber optics.
  • Analysis of the signal level (Pass / Fail) according to thresholds editable by the user.
  • Absolute and Relative measures display.

MODE 2: Optical measurements on active networks xPON and RFoG

  • Measurement of the upstream bandwidth (ONT): Burst detector calibrated at 1310 nm (PON) and 1610 nm (RFoG).
  • Measurement of the downstream bandwidth (OLT): Selective measurement by wavelength. 1490 / 1550 nm.
Attenuation test
Visual locator to find faults in the fibre.
Red laser at 635 nm with an universal connector.
User interface in several languages.
Connection USB to PC to transfer the data recorded by the instrument.