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PROMAX PROLITE-42 Fibre optics fusion splicer

Ultra slim splicer

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Ultra slim fibre optics splicer with cleaver, stripper and accessories. Removable battery, with a life for up to 300 splicings.
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Produktnummer: PROLITE-42

The ultra slim fibre optics fusion splicer model PROLITE-42 meets the highest quality requirements. It is the perfect design for the installation and maintenance of any type of optical fibre network, specially for FTTH installers.

It features a battery life for up to 300 splicings with a single charge, with automatic core fibre alignment and up to 300x on-screen magnification. The fusion splicer can be both battery operated and also connected to the mains.

The PROLITE-42 is delivered into its own rugged transport case, that also includes all the necessary tools to immediately work with optical fibre: Cleaver, stripper, fusion protection sleeves, cooling tray and spare electrodes.

  • 8 seconds splice time
  • Core alignment
  • Removable battery system (2 batteries included)
  • 300 splices battery life
  • Tools included
  • Light and compact
Splicing program SM, MM, DS, NZDS
Rechargeable battery life 300 splicing + heating cycles
Included accessories Cleaver, stripper, AC adapter, spare electrodes, fusion protection sleeves, cooling tray, 2 removable batteries and carrying case for the complete set