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PROMAX DT-802 Control module with a redundant power supply

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Double power supply, hot-swappable. Delivers the control and power supply for up to 7 modules, any type, and allows remote control from a PC through Ethernet port.
Produktnummer: DT-802

The DT-802 is the control module of the "Digital To TV" system, with a dual redundant power supply of 300 W and two inputs for 1 or 2 different electricity suppliers. The redundant power supply works when either one of the electricity suppliers or one power module fails. The damaged power module can be replaced by hot-swapping a new one, that is, without rebooting the system. This ensures the continuity for the TV distribution system.

All other functions are equivalent to the power supply module DT-800 but more powerful: allows the specific control of each module and configuring all the parameters associated and can work in local mode via the front keypad or by remote control via an Ethernet connection.

Control/Power Supply Up to 7 modules DT-XXX
Auto-config Auto-detection of connected modules
Auto-link Auto-detection of interconnection between modules
LCD screen
Navigation keypad (6 keys)
3x information LEDs: Line On / Error / PSU Status
Intuitive Navigation Menu (tree type menu)
Through Ethernet port (PC software supplied). 10/100Mb. Virtual Control by means of virtual serial port.