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PROMAX Advanced DAB+

PROMAX Advanced DAB+ option for RangerNeo2/3/4

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The new Advanced DAB option for RANGER Neo spectrum analyzers allows professional users to do DAB signal quality measurements and it includes many functions which are normally available in higher cost products only such as ETI recording, constellation diagram or echoes analysis.
Produktnummer: Advanced DAB+ option

ETI recording

ETI stands for Ensemble Transport Interface and it may be described as the equivalent to the Transport Stream for DAB. It is possible to record ETI on the analyzer so that it can then be copied to an external device for further analysis.

Dynamic echoes analysis

DAB can also be operated in a Single Frequency Network (SFN) and therefore the dynamic echoes analysis becomes a useful function to have.

DAB constellation diagram

DAB uses DQPSK modulation and so its constellation diagram shows a cloud of dots clustered around four points.

Measurements Audio decoding

Besides its advanced functionalities, the analyzer can also measure all the basic quality parameters and decode the audio.


It is a slowly refreshed sequence of still frames containing information about the songs being played or traffic advisories. Slideshow is displayed in different menus on the analyzer along with other information

And more...

MSC, FIC and FIB. It provides separate CBER measurements for the FIC (Fast Information Channel) and the MSC (Main Service Channel). Also related to the FIC CBER it includes the Fast Information Block ratio or FIB ratio.

MER by carrier and Merogram are also included in this Advanced DAB measurement option.

RF Input:
- F or BNC
Frequency range:
- VHF band III, 168MHz – 240MHz
- Automatic spectral inversion
- Frequency offset +/-100 kHz
Audio service bit rate:
- Up to 384 kbits/s
- Power, C/N, MER
- Global channel CBER
- Selected DAB ensemble CBER
- FIC Fast Information Channel CBER
- Constellation diagram
- Dynamic echoes analysis
- FIB, % of correct Fast Information Blocks
Operating modes:
- Measurements, Measurements + spectrum
- DAB ensemble list, ensemble details
- Audio demodulation
Other functions:
- SlideShows

- ETI recording in ETI-LI format
- TII Transmitter Identification Information
Demovideo Advanced DAB+ option
Produsentens side Advanced DAB+ option