Opgal Accuracii Mini HD Compact Dual Channel PTZ Camera System

Don’t let its size fool you… Accuracii Mini HD is an incredible tool for covert surveillance. Catch thieves and save revenue with this 24/7 compact workhorse. For more information or a quote, contact us today.
Produktnummer: Accuracii Mini HD

Vumii’s Accuracii Mini HD is a compact and lightweight 24/7, night and
day multi-sensor observation system developed for security applications. It
allows long range observation and detection using state of the art thermal
imaging and HD CMOS technology.
The Accuracii Mini HD is a full IP-based system. It features a 1/2.8” Color HD
CMOS sensor for day time operation and a 17μ 640x480 thermal core paired
with one of several athermalized lens options: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm or
60mm. The thermal camera provides superior threat detection performance
day or night.
The system is designed and constructed to withstand the harshest
environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, humidity and dust.


Accuracii Mini HD comes standard with both a thermal and visible light camera.  The visible light HD camera uses a continuous zoom 4.3 – 129mm lens integrated on a continuous 360° pan, +/- 90° tilt positioner. Several thermal engine and lens options are available for the thermal camera configuration.

Thermal Imager:

17μ: 640 x 480
Thermal Optics:

  • 35 mm athermalized
  • 50 mm athermalized
  • 60 mm athermalized
  • 26-105 mm continuous zoom, autofocus

Visible Optics: 

Continuous Zoom 4.3mm – 129mm

Compact design
ONVIF Profile S compliant
Dual channel system for 24/7 operation
Dual video output
Simple integration
360° pan, +/- 90° tilt positioner