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Mohr CT100S Metallic TDR Cable Tester, stainless-steel SMA test port

CT100 TDR configured with SMA test port assembly. Represents a balance of performance and electrical overstress protection for field applications where SMA test port is desired.
Produktnummer: CT100S

Mohr CT100 Series TDRs are the industry's most capable and versatile tools for troubleshooting and maintenance of modern microwave/RF and digital communications cables and interconnects.

Industry's Best Cable Fault Sensitivity
With ultrawideband step‐pulse architecture and 16‐bit digital sampling, these instruments can detect subtle cable faults before they impair system performance.

Industry's Best Cursor Resolution
Measure cable length and localize faults with 75 micron (0.003 in.) precision, hundreds of times better than competing TDR and FDR instruments.

Industry's Best Spatial Resolution
With the ability to resolve faults and interconnect and PCB features located less than 9 mm (CT100HF) or 14 mm (CT100) apart, CT100 Series TDRs have spatial resolution many times sharper than competing TDR and FDR instruments.

High‐Resolution Cable Scanning
Scan a cable or portion of a cable at high‐resolution (up to millions of points); later,translate and rescale for comparison to other scanned or live traces, either on the device itself or on the included CT Viewer™ TDR analysis software package.

Capture Rapid Transient Faults
With the ability to acquire up to 500 waveforms per second, CT100 Series TDRs are uniquely able to identify and localize transient faults that other instruments would miss.

Versatile Connectivity Options
Client USB and 10/100 Mb Ethernet ports for connection to a PC and host USB port compatible with USB thumbdrives, keyboards, and barcode readers. Now featuring live LAN/WAN/Internet streaming and remote control of any CT100 Series TDR via CT Viewer™.

Ergonomics for Easy Use
Rugged, portable, and lightweight, CT100 Series TDRs feature long battery life and bright daylight‐readable color screens.

CATV, Power, Telephony
Naval / Marine
Wireless Infrastructure
Aerospace / Aviation
PCB Controlled Impedance
TDR Sensors (Soil Moisture, Geophysics)

As low as 60 ps system risetime (20‐80%)
75 micron (0.003 in.) cursor resolution
16‐bit digital sampling
Up to 500 waveforms/sec
2 GB storage, enough for thousands of traces
USB host/client, 10/100 Ethernet
Lightweight, bright color screen
Internet streaming and remote control