London Electronics TIM018-Mk2 DC Triple loop splitter

NOK 1 000,- (eks. mva.)

Improve the security of your distributed 4-20mA loops.
Produktnummer: 720019

In many industrial systems, 4-20mA will send measurement values from a transmitter or amplifier to other devices such as panel meters, chart recorders, PLC's, controllers etc.

Often, these devices share the same signal, because they are connected in series.

A problem which you may find, is that if any of the devices in the loop is removed, fails, or suffers a wiring fault, all other devices will lose their 4-20mA signal.

The TIM018 helps to solve this problem. It takes one 4-20mA signal and makes 3 copies. Each copy signal can be open circuit or short circuit and will not affect the other loop signals.

Simple to install and commission
Clear Plain English operating manuals
Internal 20V supply to power sensor
Can scale each output separately
Low cost and fast delivery
Wide range power supplies