London Electronics Models DCV3 AC digital panel voltmeter. 3 1/2 digit

NOK 1 200,- (eks. mva.)

Economical and easy to use DCV-3-R-AC
Produktnummer: 31000

The DCV3 and DCV4 are low cost yet highly flexible and easy to use 1/8 DIN direct reading DC digital panel voltmeters.

They have a number of useful plug-in options which make them ideal for use in many control and monitoring applications.

Input Signals DCV3 Jumper switch range selections:
0-199.9 mV
0-1.999 V
0-19.99 V
0-199.9 V
DCV4 Jumper switch range selections:
0-199.99 mV
0-1.9999 V
0-19.999 V
0-199.99 V
Excitation None on this model
Digits 3 1/2 digits [?] on DCV3, 4 1/2 digits [?] on DCV4, 14mm high. Legible up to 7 metres away
Optional 4 digits, 20mm high. Legible to 10 metres
Digit colour Red or green
Scaling Zero and Span trim potentiometers.
Filtering Fixed 0.5 second time response
Front panel controls Zero and Span trim, trip alarm adjustments.
Power 11-30VDC or 95-265 VAC
Accuracy +/-0.1% of range
Thermal stability - range +/- 50ppm/oC
Thermal stability - offset +/- 20ppm/oC
Analogue output Optional plug-in module
4-20mA into 0 to 500 Ohms
0-10V into loads>600 Ohms
Not isolated from input , so only use if the input voltage is less than 35V above ground.
Fully scalable output with zero and span potentiometers. Can be combined with alarm outputs.
Alarm output Optional plug-in module
2 Alarms rated 5A 250VAC, SPDT
De-energise on trip. Can be combined with analogue output.
Serial data output Optional plug-in module for RS232. Not available if alarms or analogue output option are fitted.
Logic inputs not on this model
Connectors Detachable screw terminals
Bezel size 96mm wide x 48mm high. 13mm forward.
Panel cutout 92mm wide x 45mm high. +1mm, -0mm
Depth behind panel 125mm including connectors + cable.
Sealing IP54 standard, IP67 with optional SPC4 cover