London Electronics Models BAR-A and BAR-X Panel mounting process bargraph / controller

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Digital scaling and calibration, user friendly, time-saving design and fast installation and commissioning
Produktnummer: BAR-A BAR-X

Bargraph displays are ideal if you want to know the ‘fullness’ of a tank, ‘hotness’ of a process etc. Use them in applications where you want to be able to know, at a glance, the relative value of a variable. Similar in principal to moving pointer displays, yet more reliable and robust because they have no moving parts.

Choose from 2 models:
The BAR-A is a display-only version
The BAR-X has 2 alarm relays

Get an instant idea of ‘How Much’
Simple to install and commission
Clear Plain English operating manuals
Internal 24V supply to power sensor
Slow / Fast response
Dot / Bar format
Vertical / Horizontal

Input connections Current input, Voltage input, Excitation
Suits direct connection, 2 wire active or passive loop and 3 wire transmitter systems.
Input Signals Current input terminal accepts:-
0-10mA, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
33 Ohm input resistance
Voltage input terminal accepts:-
0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V
1 Megohm input resistance.
Excitation 24V DC up to 100mA (5V, 10V and 12V optional)
Display 75mm long bargraph with 30 segments.
You can select either moving dot or progressive bargraph formats.
Digit colour Red or green.
Scaling Digital menu-free system.
Filtering Adjustable FAST or SLOW response
Front panel controls Calibration, Alarms.
Power 11-30VDC or 95-265 VAC
Accuracy +/-3% of range
Thermal stability - range +/- 100ppm/oC
Thermal stability - offset +/- 100ppm/oC
Analogue output Not available on this model
Alarm output 2 Alarms rated 5A 250VAC SPDT
Available on the BAR-X only.
Pump-control action included as standard.
Serial data output Not available on this model
Bezel size 96mm wide x 48mm high. 13mm forward.
Panel cutout 92mm wide x 45mm high. +1mm, -0mm
Depth behind panel 125mm including connectors + cable.
Sealing IP54 standard, IP67 with optional SPC4 cover