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London Electronics Model INT4-R Resistance meter. 4 wire sensing

Nortelco Electronics har fått ny webside og webshop

Nortelco Electronics AS ble Adeptor AS fra 1. januar 2022, men dine kontaktpersoner er de samme! Endringen gjelder områdene Elektronikk og Automasjon, og vi har fått ny webside:

INTUITIVE Panel Meters – Most Popular panel meter range
Produktnummer: INT4-R

Resistance Display for low to medium resistance measurements. 4 wire connection method gives precise results, regardless of cable resistance. Ideal for QA checks of motor windings, lamp filaments, inductors, etc. Ranges to order, from 0- 100 milliOhms, up to 0-20 Kilohms.

Easy to use, even easier than the INT2 series!
High precision, stability and reliability
Clear, variable brightness display
Available with digits up to 400mm high
Clearly written manuals & video guides
Saves you time and money
Generally available from stock
Plug-in options for quick upgrades
Calibration counter for audit trails