London Electronics LineLogger

Designed to monitor production line activity
Produktnummer: LELINE

The LineLogger is a compact module which is designed to monitor production line activity.

It can be used as part of a sophisticated production line performance monitoring system.

It will accept up to 10 pulse signals from most common industrial pulse output sensors, such as NPN, PNP or contact closure optical switches, proximity sensors, rotary encoders, pushbuttons, PLC outputs etc. All are electrically isolated.

Pulses can represent items produced, status of machine, rejects detected, fault reason pushbutton status, belt speed sensor pulses etc.

The module has an internal data logging memory to record the time and date of every pulse received.

The memory is saved in simple CSV format which you can view and manipulate in an Excel or similar type of spreadsheet application.

The memory can also be read over a network, which allows one of our custom software applications to create reports of production rate, downtime, OEE, quality, total and so on, adapted to suit your exact requirements.

All data can be transferred to a central SQL database to allow access by as many applications or users as required. The database can be within your local network or can be part of a cloud system for excellent long term stability, reliabilty and accessibility.

Database access is secured with user name and password rules, which can have different priviledges for different users.

Activity LEDs allow you to see the status of all 10 inputs at any time.

<STRONG>Input Signals</STRONG>
Frequency range 0-500 Hz.
Nominal pulse voltage 0-24VDC
Voltage pulse - low < 5V DC
Voltage pulse - high > 7V DC
Isolation >250 VAC
Current at 24V DC 6mA
Current at 12V DC 3mA
Maximum voltage 48V DC
<STRONG>Power Supply</STRONG>
AC Power option 95-265 V AC
DC Power option 11-30 V DC
Power consumption <10 VA
Type SD Card
Capacity 2,4 or 8 Gb