London Electronics INTUITIVE Panel Meter 4 and 6 wire loadcells. 10V 120mA exc. AC

NOK 1 500,- (eks. mva.)

Produktnummer: 21510

What makes these meters so popular with today’s busy engineers?

These are among the easiest of programmable panel meters to commission. And they offer high precision with long term reliability.

If you normally programme meters via a menu system, you will know how tedious and time consuming this can be. This is why we designed the INTUITIVE series - to save you time.

The INTUITIVE family eliminates the need for menus. This means faster commissioning and less stress for you.

Not only is the meter easy to adjust, the operating manual is clear, simple and easy to understand.

You can directly access the setting you want. If you want to calibrate the zero, or the scaling, or the analogue output, or the alarms, or the 10 point linearisation facility, you get directly to that setting, not down a long menu system via other steps or settings!

Easy to use
Clear, bright display
Secure lockout system
Clearly written manuals
Saves you time and money
Generally available from stock
Plug-in options for quick upgrades
Calibration counter for audit trails